November 1, 2006

Flyer from a LAAG member delivered 10/31/06

Dear Neighbor,

The OTHER residents of Lakewood would like you to know a few things before you vote on Measure D.

First of all, please excuse our crude, inexpensive flyers. The truth is, we just don’t have the big financial backing of fireworks companies as the folks who sent you those professional and colorful mailers do.

Secondly, we promise not to appeal to you with emotionally-laden ads that try to hide the truth behind pictures of innocent children.

Ask Yourself This:

• Why can’t these community groups find other sources of fundraising that don’t trample on their neighbors’ rights? Other communities have.

• What do these community groups do on the other 363 days out of the year to raise money? (And YES, there are other ways to raise money other than “bake sales and raffles.” Just ask the hundreds of other clubs who do it.)

• Why should ALL neighbors suffer for a few who insist on taking the shortcut to fundraising? Other communities fundraise without money from big fireworks companies who really only care about their own profit.

Here Are Your Rights:

1. If you would like your right to a peaceful and safe month of July in your neighborhood, then vote YES ON MEASURE D.

2. If you would like your right to protect your property and pets during the month of July, then vote YES ON MEASURE D.

3. If you would like the City of Lakewood not to spend thousands of dollars every year on the policing of fireworks, then vote YES ON MEASURE D.

4. If you are tired of community groups who take the shortcut to fundraising at the expense of their neighbors’ right to a peaceful and safe holiday, then vote YES ON MEASURE D.

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