November 1, 2006

Long Beach Report endorses "YES" on Measure D


Our Ballot Views, Your Choice

(November 5, 2006) -- Statewide and citywide ballot items provide the only real democracy in this election. They're the only items that can't be Gerrymandered. Treat your choices on these measures seriously:


Lakewood Measure D: Yes This would bring an overdue end to the sale of so-called "safe and sane" fireworks in Lakewood. That would benefit residents and taxpayers in Lakewood AND Long Beach. As we previously reported, the campaign against this measure is primarily funded by a major fireworks distributor. Lakewood civic clubs and children's baseball teams are effectively serving as props for propaganda trying to stop Measure D. The civic groups should stop whining and start doing what clubs do in other cities; raise money without selling fireworks.

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