October 31, 2006

Letters to the Editor, Press Telegram 11/2/06

I don't understand the opposition to Measure D. All the supporters want is a safe Lakewood that doesn't turn into a war zone for three days. Although community groups enjoy the revenue that results from this chaos, there are better methods of fund-raising, methods that don't reflect poorly on our city.

Russ Rudman


Citizens for a Safe Fourth of July's mailing lists 28 community groups that will be adversely impacted, including taking away senior meals and hospice for the elderly, by Measure D. Really? Wow, I never imagined us old folk would go hungry if not for having our neighborhoods blown up.

The $300,000 that the Safe Fourth group claims is annually raised is spread among 30-some groups. Assuming the figure is accurate, that's an average of just under 10 grand per group. Now I know that's a bit of change, but believe it or not, thousands of community groups across America raise that much money and lots more. And they do it without blowing up their neighborhoods.

So, save your campaign advertising money. Invest it in some hot coffee, brainstorm and come up with some original ideas and find other ways to support your groups. You can do it.

Ron Trimble


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