September 19, 2020

Fourth fire that we know (heard) of at Eldorado Park Nature center (September 18 2020)

Update 10/16/20... So guess where this homeless guy was. Likely right next to the nature center here And with a gun no less. Nice. Here is the story link

Update 9/18/20: We just saw this short snippet in the Post giving a brief description of a fire likely set by homeless once again on Sept 18, 2020. All the story says is below:

"The Long Beach Fire Department extinguished a brush fire at the El Dorado Nature Center Friday afternoon, according to LBFD spokesman Brian Fisk. Fisk said the department responded to the blaze at 1:13 p.m. just west of the San Gabriel River bike path between Willow and Spring streets. The fire burned about 200 square feet of vegetation, said Fisk. Arson investigators were called afterward to investigate the cause of the fire, Fisk said."

We are pretty sure we will never see the arson report. Even if one is ever created (which we doubt) and we were to request it in a public records request we are confident it would not ever be produced. So why bother.

The city leaders have been warned numerous times about the homeless on the river and their propensity to start fires in the adjoining nature center. And LAAG is told all is well and under control. This email was sent 7 days before this latest fire on Sept. 18. So the only conclusions one can draw is that city leaders and dept leaders such as the FD, Parks Dept. Park "Rangers" and City Council are (1) incompetent and cant solve the problem (2) don't care enough to solve the problem or (3) just try to placate residents with BS. A few days after that email below was sent we saw three county vehicles driving toward the fence holes created by the FD in fighting the August 12 2020 fire and were told they were going to fix it that day. Never happened. Eventually there is going to be a fire that wipes out the Nature Center or does serious damage. That will happen as long as the status quo is allowed to exist and political correctness reigns supreme.

UPDATE 9/23/20: Apparently homeless just like to light stuff on fire or are just careless..

Los Angeles County firefighters quickly extinguished a brush fire that started in a homeless encampment near Spring Street and the 405 Freeway in Signal Hill on Tuesday afternoon, officials said. Firefighters rushed to the scene at about 2:18 p.m. with reports of a homeless encampment on fire, a county fire department spokesperson said. No one was injured in the fire and the department is now investigating the cause, they said. The fire caused a brief traffic jam on the 405 Freeway, witnesses reported.  Avoid 405 S in Long Beach, big fire at the Orange exit
 — Mike Guardabascio (@Guardabascio) September 22, 2020

From: Long Beach Accountability Action Group <>
Date: Fri, Sep 11, 2020 at 12:13 AM
Subject: "homeless problem in Eldorado Nature center is solved" (NOT)
To: Daryl Supernaw Councilman 4th Dist. Long beach <>, District 4th long beach Supernaw <>
Cc: Stephen Scott | Dep Dir Parks, Rec, and Marine Long beach <>, BRENT DENNIS Dir of Parks, Recreation and Marine Long beach <>

I just want to go on record with my conversation with a bunch of city people and LB FD people on the river trail  just south of Spring st. on Sept. 8 2020. I was told by the FD honcho that the "homeless problem in Eldorado Nature center is solved" (of course no one told the homeless)  I explained that the fence torn down by the FD in the fire 30 days ago is still not fixed. The point is the homeless will go back into the nature center and start another fire. It will happen. For two reasons 1) its not being patrolled adequately as rangers in SUV's can't see everything from the SUV window esp at night 2) all the homeless in the adjacent riverbed. why not go camping in the nature area and cook up some crack out of sight of the "man"? its too easy.

Get the homeless off the river and into shelters. Dont give them a choice like you do now. its a no trespassing area. Boise case does NOT apply.

keep all the fences all around the nature center fixed. patrol that fence monthly. We call that "ridin' fences" in the west. good fences make good neighbors

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