February 5, 2009

(the few) Retail Bright Spots

Well the day is finally approaching. Costco will be opening in Lakewood Center on February 26, 2009 (thurs) at 8am according to fliers mailed out this week. I guess in this bad retail climate they don't want to wait for a weekend opening. They have been handing out 10.00 discounts for membership signups in the Mall. We will report further on the opening. We were noticing how vacant the mall was the other night in the area of the all but closed Circuit City, the long ago closed Lakewood Center South Theaters and the construction zone of the Costco. It is rather ironic that 8 months ago people were complaining about all the increased traffic Costco would bring. What a difference a little recession makes!

Bellflower and South St. is still trying to improve. The old Vons parking lot repaving is underway but quite frankly it is moving at a snails pace. Still no word on new tenants.

The Denny's opening in the old Bakers Square looks finished. Once we got city hall to speed up the permits the workers were working weekends and until 9pm at night to finish up. Opening is supposed to be February 15, 2009. They also resurfaced the parking lot. This intersection can use a bright spot and we hope this helps draw in more businesses. Ironically Denny's had its start in Lakewood in 1953 under the name Danny's Donuts.

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