February 15, 2009

Another serious taser incident (death) in Lakewood

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Here is what we want to know after reading the very sketchy details from below. It seems pretty obvious that a naked guy does not have any concealed weapons of any kind. Also safe to assume he has some mental issues or drug or intoxication issues going on. So how does he end up dead? Had to use both pepper spray and taser and handcuffs? Why would two or more Taser guns be needed? Why ask for another taser? Too bad it was dark and no video was taken. We highly recommend videoing any LASD "unusual events" or arrests. Rest assured we will get no useful details from LASD on this. We will start the countdown for when the deceased's heirs file a wrongful death lawsuit against the county (taxpayers). They will have to get in line however as there are quite a few ahead of them. This seems to us to be standard operating procedure over at LASD. When in doubt do as much harm as you like to innocent people if there is a chance that the officer could end up in a non lethal scuffle. At LASD when you kill a guy for no reason the officers usually get put on "administrative leave" which means a paid vacation for three-6 months for those of you that cont speak "LASD speak". Oh by the way what ever happened to that February 27, 2008 taser incident (involving victim Blake Dupree)in LASD custody? Hmm never heard another thing about it. I guess the LASD needs to read where the Orange County Grand Jury recommended in June 2008 that deputies no longer use the weapon if other means to control inmates are available. Its all in its annual report, "The State of the Orange County Jails". So do we assume there was a quiet settlement of million with no wrongdoing admitted by LASD? Comments LASD?

Nude man in Lakewood dies after LA Sheriff's Deputies use Taser
Posted: 02/15/2009 01:13:44 PM PST
By Kelly Puente

Staff Writer

LAKEWOOD - A man running naked on a quiet Lakewood street died after sheriff's deputies shocked him with a Taser gun, authorities said Sunday.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Art Spencer said Lakewood deputies responded to a disturbance call in the 5700 block of Silva Street at 10:15 p.m. Saturday.

Spencer said deputies found a "very large" man running naked in the street and acting irrationally.

Deputies tied to calm the man but he remained belligerent, Spencer said. When he advanced at them in a threatening manner, Spencer said deputies used pepper spray and at least one Taser stun gun to subdue him.

Shortly after the man was handcuffed, deputies realized he was not breathing and began to administer CPR, Spencer said. The man, whose identify has not been released, was pronounced dead at a hospital.

No deputies were injured, Spencer said, adding that the incident is under investigation. Deputies have not said how many Taser guns were used. No further information was available Sunday.

Residents in the suburban neighborhood said the silence was suddenly broken Saturday night when a nude man began wandering down the street, banging on doors and cars.

Neighbors Norma Ramirez and Nancy Wright were both in their homes when they heard police sirens and a helicopter.

Wright said she opened her door to a flood of more than two dozen sheriff's deputies on her
street. Neighbors gathered outside while authorities set up yellow crime scene tape in front of three houses, Wright said.

"(Deputies) told us to go back inside our homes, but we just kind of stepped back a little," Wright said.

The women said they heard from other neighbors that a man had been wandering down the street and darted through a gate into someone's backyard after police arrived.

Ramirez said she heard a deputy shout, "Get me another Taser!" followed by another deputy shouting, "We need CPR!"

Paramedics arrived shortly after, she said.

Wright and Ramirez said they did not know if the man was a neighbor, or someone who had wandered into the area.

"It's scary," Wright said. "You don't see things like this in our neighborhood."

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