January 21, 2008

Inglewood may ban Fireworks in 2008


Not all of next month's local ballot measures deal with taxes, however. Voters in Inglewood, CA will decide whether to ban fireworks in their city.

Although Inglewood plans to continue its official Fourth of July pyrotechnic celebrations in Vincent Park, Measure F would forbid members of the public to buy or use fireworks. Proponents of the measure cite regular incidents of injuries and property damage from the fireworks and claim "the frightful pandemonium taking place in many of our neighborhoods will now hopefully come to an end," according to arguments filed in favor of the measure.

Opponents say laws already prohibit the kind of fireworks that cause most injuries and property damage, and a ban would only hurt the nonprofit groups that depend on their sales of permitted types of fireworks to help fund important services.

Inglewood, Measure F:

What it would do: Ban the sale and use of fireworks within the city

Who supports it: Councilwoman Judy Dunlap, Parking and Traffic Commissioner Lynnette Lewis, Citizens Police Oversight Commissioner Nannette Marchand

Who opposes it: Retired Police Chief Ronald C. Banks; Olivia Patterson, immediate past president of the Inglewood Rotary Club; The Way The Church

What it needs to pass: Simple majority

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