October 13, 2007

Re: enforcement of "no parking" in the Thursday sweeping area

At 12:37 PM 10/13/2007, Todd Rogers wrote:

This is part of the previously announced warning period.......which ends later this month. When that happens, the tickets will have fines associated with them.

These types of dramatic changes to people's lives need to be gradually implemented. Otherwise the push back will be overwhelming and counterproductive. Anyone who has spent any time in public service/administration understands this. The City of LA sure doesn't have anything on Lakewood.

"previously announced warning period"? No mention of that here < http://www.lakewoodcity.org/thenews/cleansweep.asp> nor on the letter mailed out nor on the door hanger cards.

What will the fine be? Second offense increase? Third offense?

Look we are not touting city of LA. Heaven knows they have their problems, starting with LAPD. However as much "bad" press as LA gets (see fox news link in prior email) on their "Draconian" parking enforcement they push right on ahead writing tickets and booting and towing cars. I have seen tickets for cars in parking garages with no front licence and tinted windows. Parking tickets! Now thats revenue generation and making people toe the line. Does LA worry about pushback? No. It sure beats pushback from LASD's "Operation Any Booking". Of course there will be push back. No one wants to comply with laws. You know that working for LASD. But like I have said many times before. Lakewood has created this scofflaw haven and these residents thinking that as property owners they can do what ever they want due to the fact that for years there has been no enforcement of parking and zoning laws (especially aesthetics related) except by complaint, which of course makes the complainer the bad guy and not the city, which quite frankly is wrong. It is also an effective way to limit enforcement. The City should take the heat for law/zoning enforcement. Not the residents. I am not blaming you for the fear of "push back" nor for the current situation due to years of lack of enforcement. But people are going to need to start taking their medicine. I suspect that is why voters voted in a law and order guy like you. And remember warning do nothing for the most part as you have already spend thousand on public education on this. The only way to change behavior like this is fine people. That is what most governments do. They are all grownups and most have had speeding or parking tickets before.

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