June 27, 2007

Like poppies in Afganistan..its all about fundraising

So LAAG asks: How are Fireworks different than growing poppy Heroin in Afghanistan? Both are very profitable. Both are very favored by "fundraising groups", like Al Qaeda over there and others over on this side of the world. You ask the people in Afghanistan about growing poppies and they say "hey we have to eat..its not about illegal drug use..thats someone else's problem". Same Here. People say we need fireworks sales or our club will suffer. The fact they cause fires, attract illegal fireworks and cost cities more than the funds raised (etc.) is someone elses problem. Think about it.

Quotes from the Tri Valley Herald (6/28/07)

"Selling fireworks was probably the most successful (fundraising effort) we've ever had," said Jim McDonough, a volunteer with the Manteca chapter of the Knights of Columbus, who added he planned to man their booth on North Main Street.

"Our biggest problem is the use of illegal fireworks and the ability to 'hide' them while displaying safe and sane fireworks," Manteca fire Chief George Quaresma said. [Amen to that]

Leading up to the Fourth of July the past two years, four fires have been broken out in Manteca from the misuse of 'safe and sane' fireworks, mostly due to their proximity to fuel sources, such as dry grass or combustibles in garages, said Randy Sutton, a Manteca fire marshal.

"It allowed us to earn a lot of money that we gave money to other local charities that we couldn't have otherwise," he said.

Councilman Vince Hernandez brought the concept forward in 2004 as a way for nonprofits to make money while not having to compete with other organizations.

"The nonprofits in the community needed an avenue that could garner a quick turnaround and not have so much competition," he said, adding he noticed there was a plethora of dinner and telethon fundraisers in the community.

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