November 2, 2006

Top Ten Reasons to Vote YES on Measure D

This list is just a summary of all the other posts on this website.

1. Safety. No matter what the fireworks companies say NO fireworks is safer than so called "safe and sane" fireworks. And don't forget about the hundreds of millions in property damage either.

2. Pollution. Noise (for pets and humans, Smoke, Run-off into the ocean (water). Perchlorates (nasty ground water pollutant being battled all over So. Cal.; used in fireworks). Given California's recent "anti-global warming" law passed this fall it is only a matter of time before fireworks are banned.

3. Crime. Brian Miller's attorney used the "war zone" atmosphere and friendly attitude in Lakewood to excuse his obsession with illegal fireworks (which could have been compiled from legal fireworks). Don't let all the 145 others cited in July 2006 for illegal fireworks use use this as an excuse!

4. The big funding scare. 27 Clubs make about $10,000 each per year. Not all that much when you figure their labor and the fireworks company's cut. The fireworks people have spent $40,000 on this campaign against Measure D and one club $250.00. So you figure out who really wants the fireworks. See the post on the truth about funding.

5. Its the right thing to do. Most cities and All counties in So. California ban fireworks. And when you look at the list of cities that allow them its clear that the more "progressive" forward thinking, high property values cities have banned them.

6. Taxes. The city spent $100,000 of all city residents money last year. Including those who don't use or sell fireworks. Why are you "funding" the crime fighting cost if you are not creating the problems? This cost will only rise year after year just like all government "programs".

7. Law Enforcement. Clearly the Sheriff's department was incapable of doing its job and catching the Dunrobin bomber. Given their ineptitude don't you want to make it easier for them to find the illegal users? Legal fireworks are good cover for illegal fireworks and in the heat of "battle" they make it harder to see and catch illegal users.

8. Patriotism. Voting is patriotic. As is flying the flag EVERY day. Serving your country in whatever manner you can. Selling Fireworks made in Chinese sweat shops is not patriotic. (of course none of the No on D fliers ever mentioned patriotism...just money) Like every other holiday it has lost its true meaning and people focus only on the material a$pects.

9.Inefficient fundraising. If each club makes $10,000 selling fireworks and close to 4,000 in real labor costs selling them, it seems that there are much better ways to raise more money from corporate benefactors and at the same time relieve 80,000 people of the "2 days of war" in the streets. (see related article on fund raising).

10. Get ahead of the curve. Do the clubs a favor and eliminate fireworks welfare now and get them on the path to healthy and environmentally friendly fund raising. Its only a matter of time before fireworks go the way of the cigarette in California.

Vote Yes on Measure D

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