June 23, 2012

FEMA is once again getting ready to fleece homeowners in Lakewood with the help of Congress

June 25th Update here

Once again FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) via the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Plan) and of course your pals in Congress are trying to stick it to you again. Homeowners in Lakewood may once again be stuck with hundreds of dollars a year in flood insurance premiums as they once were in the 1990's up thru 2001 or thereabouts. In a nutshell what congress is doing is acknowledging that we (Thanks to then Congressman Steve Horn) fixed the levees on the LA River to be certified to protect against a "100 year flood". What congress is doing now is upping that to 500 year storm protection which basically means you will never be free from being forced to buy flood insurance (by NFIP) for your federally insured mortgage. And yes this little scheme is being pushed by both Democrats and Republicans (Likely to pay for all the hurricane and disaster relief that FEMA did in other states these past few years) Oh but wait its not a "tax" its just a mandatory insurance requirement for something that is less likely to occur than a direct asteroid strike in Lakewood. And the best part it does not increase the deficit (because YOU are going to pay for 100% of the costs of the program.... until you pay off your mortgage) There is a vote on this bill in the senate on Monday (June 25, 2012) at about 10 am PST. Unfortunately due to some maneuverings in congress were were caught short on this notice (Congress likes to do things that way so you pesky voters don't have time to call them or email them and tell them how angry your are).

If you are wondering what our "gold plated" city management team (with paid lobbyists) was doing on this bill for the last year that is a good question for them come next election cycle. We have seen nothing on this from Lakewood city council. Thanks guys. LAAG had to bring it to the attention of Lakewood voters first once again. All the city has on its website is the old 2008 FEMA info (see this link) and on the home page this weekend (June 23) some info about the July 4 block party (see this link) There will be no reason to celebrate if this bill passes. So once again while the city council parties you get hit with a big insurance bill.

Please take a look at this article and this one done by our good friends over at LBReport.com. Again thanks to them for helping out on this. We will keep this story updated as we learn more information.

But we suggest you contact Sen Boxer here and Sen. Feinstein here and tell them what you think about this little back door "tax" increase. Mention Senate Bill 1940.

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