January 10, 2011

Calling all Long Beach Cyclists ...The Bridge to Nowhere Update

LAAG editor note:

This issue is not currently an agenda item. The Coastal commission is aware of this project and the commission staff thought having cyclists present on 1/14/11 would be helpful, especially given the meeting taking place less than a mile from the bridge. The port will be requesting their coastal permit within a month or two. Having this fresh on their minds is important.

Press Release:
Calling all Long Beach Cyclists
The Bridge to Nowhere Update

This Friday, January 14th at 09:00 the California Coastal Commission monthly meeting will be held in Long Beach City Hall Council Chambers. Will the cycling community have access to this new bridge? Will the Port of Long Beach get away with disregarding the needs of cyclists and pedestrians?

A coalition of cycling and walking advocates has lobbied the Port for pedestrian facilities for a Class 1 Bicycle facility and pedestrian walkway on this very important project that will last a hundred years and connect Long Beach to Terminal Island and eventually, San Pedro, in a safe and direct way and allow for workers to get to high paying port jobs in healthy and sustainable ways.

The Coastal Commission can require the Port to include bicycle and pedestrian access in this project. In very short order, the Port will have to apply to the Coastal Commission for the final public approval. While the Commission is supportive of inclusion of bicycle and pedestrian access, they need to see and hear from bicyclists and pedestrians who will use this bridge and who support the project. The Sierra Club and more than a dozen other organizations have endorsed the inclusion of bicycle and pedestrian access. BUT WE NEED YOU to attend this hearing and show your support for this bridge to be a bridge to everywhere for everybody.

We need to show the commission that our community is large, diverse and wants equal accommodation in the bridge design construction. It is our right under Federal and California Law, and it is our tax payer dollars funding the construction - nearly a BILLION dollars! Don’t let this opportunity slip away like water under the bridge. Come to City Council Cambers at 9 am on this Friday, January 14th. The public comment is first and you only need to attend until approximately 9:30.

If you really can’t be there in person please return a letter of support to markbixby26@gmail.com

For more bike rider point of view visit this link. The Long Beach Port's bridge project info is here and the DOT point of view is here.

Thank you,

Chris Quint
LB Cyclists Co-Founder
League Certified Instructor, LAB

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