September 3, 2010

State Controller's revised Local Government Compensation Report (LGCR) due Oct. 2010

On the heels of LAAG's PRA (public information request) to the city of Lakewood regarding salaries of all top Lakewood city employees in each city department, the State Controller's office just released its Local Government Compensation Report (LGCR) for Calendar Year 2009. This report is intended to collect salary, compensation, and benefit information for all elected, appointed, and employed personnel but not independent contractors. It includes staff for all dependent special districts, redevelopment agencies, or other component units that are supported by city or county staff or any staff for which the city or county issues a W-2. This report is required to be submitted to the State Controller on or before October 1, 2010. It will be quite enlightening to see all the cities in the state comply and how user friendly the State Controllers web site is in detailing all the results so that cities can be compared head to head by taxpayers. This is a step in the right direction with more to come. LAAG will stay on top of these developments. Thank you City of Bell for making all this possible.

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