March 3, 2009

Now we're "policing" the sheriffs...

I guess this is good news but a few lawsuits too late. As we said last year, bad cops discharged from one agency for "problems" should NEVER be able to work in law enforcement again, given that its virtually impossible to get fired as a cop unless you are a complete idiot or psychopath. Oh and now LASD wants to take federal stimulus money and hire some more of these gems? I say lets save the money to clean up the mess from the last "recruiting drive".

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors today ordered a watchdog agency to monitor sheriff’s deputies hired in the last three years. The action follows a report by the country’s Office of Independent Review; it found the department had lowered standards during a hiring push. Mike Gennaco heads the office.

Mike Gennaco: “One of the illustrations that’s noted in our report was an individual who had been hired by another agency up in Northern California, had run into problems with that agency – particularly allegations of unnecessary or excessive force – and eventually was released from that agency for that very reason.”

The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department hired that individual, who later left because of problems with use of excessive force. The department hired about 2700 of its 9,000 deputies under relaxed standards. The Office of Independent Review will monitor those deputies for their first five years with the department.

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