January 12, 2009

Some businesses open while others close

Apparently Macy's is closing 11 stores. Fortunately not the one in Lakewood Center. The only one closing in CA is i downtown LA.

Albertsons announced plans Friday to close one of its two stores in the city. The store at 3400 E. South St., is scheduled to close on Feb. 19. This store has been open since 1998.

Workers are working feverishly on the old Bakers Square at South and Bellflower to renovate it into a new Denny's. It will open in February. LAAG got the city to speed up the permit approval. In this economy

Lakewood Center claims that the Costco in Lakewood Center will open in February and will not be delayed to March.

The Mervyns that is closing will become a Forever 21 store as reported earlier.

No word on the Sonic Drive In location. We heard it could open at Woodruff and Harvey Way which was the site of a former Arco gas station. More on that as we learn it.

The Fresh & Easy Market celebrated its one year anniversary at South and Woodruff. We did not think it would last this long. Perhaps the new Farm Direct Market opening (5927 South St.) on the NE corner of South and Woodruff will give it some competition. We see lots of work going on there but no opening date is known. This is not a chain store. The Jones Bicycles store was the last retail store that we can recall in the space. It closed a number of years ago and the store remained vacant ever since.

The old Vons parking lot at South and Bellflower is getting completely repaved with new planters and sprinkler systems. Hopefully this will make it more palatable to prospective tenants, which the site has needed badly for years. The city has taken years to pressure the landowners to fix up the site.

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CK said...

It would be awesome to have a Trader Joes or Whole Foods at the Bellflower/South Street location! We have to go into Long Beach to visit one of these stores.