November 24, 2008

Retail update for Nov 2008

We have been assured that regardless of all the problems in Construction that the new Lakewood Center Mall Costco is experiencing (it was slated to open in Nov. 2008) that it will open sometime in February 2009. Christmas will be over and we will be right in the middle of a severe recession so that will be interesting to watch.

The Bakers Square restaurant went bankrupt in April 2008 and closed the location at the SW corner of Bellflower and South St. around that time. We are told that a Denny's will take its place. No idea on an opening date. We assume that Denny's will use the same building. This corner is really starting to suffer from the economic downturn and is starting to look like the one at the NW corner where the old Vons is located.

With respect to the NE corner where the old Vons is located, it appears that the City Attorney is trying to move forward against the landlord who is dragging his feet on the planter and pavement repairs in the parking lot. The former Vons improvement has been going on for at least two years now. Still no anchor tenant in the former Vons even though the Facade and roof were fixed up.

Finally some movement on the Farm Direct Market (5927 South St.) on the NE corner of South and Woodruff. It took out a liquor license in July 2008 and it appears that work is now finally underway on the inside. I would expect an opening in the next 4 months. Not clear on the concept for the store but it appears to be an indoor farmers market. But that was what we thought about Fresh and Easy and what a disappointment it was.

There were rumors of a Sonic Drive-In burger scouting for a place in Lakewood. Sources tell us they think the new site is the SW corner of Woodruff and Harvey Way (the site of a long closed and demolished Arco gas station). No confirmations as of this writing.

Now if we can just get the city bureaucracy to fast track the occupancy and cut some of the red tape. In this economy we need all the new retail we can get. Its beats the alternative.

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