November 5, 2008

Lakewood City Council nomination period closes December 5, 2008

The nomination period for candidates for City Council opens on November 10th and closes on December 5th 2008. We have not seen this information posted anywhere else on the internet other than our site. Nothing at the city website or in emails from the city "news fodder" email machine. Nothing in the Press Telegram. This is no doubt intentional as all the incumbents want challengers to have no time advantage. They are hoping that challengers miss the very small time window for the nomination period above.

There is no filing fee to run for City Council. The only cost paid to the City would be from candidates wishing to include a Candidate’s Statement in the sample ballot. Potential candidates must go into see the city clerk to obtain a “candidate’s packet” which is a compilation of material from various sources.

The process of issuing nomination papers is not one that can be completed remotely, the potential candidate (or designee) must appear in person at the clerk's office or they may designate (in writing) someone to collect the information for them.

We will be providing more information on this process as we move forward but we felt it was important to get this information out to potential candidates as soon as possible in order to start vetting the candidates and to insure that they have as good as chance at winning as the three incumbents up for re-election (Steve Croft, Todd Rogers and Diane DuBois)

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