November 16, 2008

Celerate the wildfires with fireworks!

So let's imagine the marketing discussion at the Chinese fireworks makers US distributors: "You know we can just sell fireworks on 4th of July. We need to make more money. Our Chinese suppliers can make an unlimited amount of fireworks and want us to sell more. We need to shoot off fireworks on every holiday! In fact we should consider shooting off fireworks to celebrate the Santa Ana wind season and opening of high fire know they are so safe we can shoot them off under any conditions.." The the marketing manager gave the guy that came up with that idea a big bonus. Oh and dont forget to issue a phony sentiment in a press release that "our prayers go out to the firestorm victims"

Oh you think we are joking? When you visit TNT's website these are the holidays that they "suggest" using fireworks to "celebrate":

* » April Fools' Day
* » Arbor Day (plant a tree then burn it down with fireworks)
* » Chinese New Year
* » Christmas
* » Cinco de Mayo
* » Columbus Day
* » Easter
* » Father's Day
* » Grandparent's Day
* » Groundhog Day
* » Halloween
* » Independence Day
* » Kwanzaa
* » Labor Day
* » Mardi Gras
* » Memorial Day
* » Mother's Day
* » New Year's Eve
* » Rosh Hashanah
* » Saint Patrick's Day
* » Spring
* » Summer Solstice
* » Thanksgiving Day
* » Valentine's Day
* » Veteran's Day

Fireworks during a fire? A Glendale resident isn't happy
November 16, 2008

The air around parts of Los Angeles was filled with smoke from brush fires Saturday.

The air in Glendale was filled with fireworks smoke.

The Americana at Brand shopping center kicked off its holiday season with a pyrotechnic display that sent neighbors running outside in alarm.

"It was really an inappropriate display. This was not the time to shoot off fireworks," Glendale resident John Barnes said. "The hotels around here were filled Saturday with fire evacuees."

Americana at Brand spokeswoman Jennifer Gordon said the pyrotechnics were part of a Christmas tree lighting ceremony that couldn't be rescheduled. "We weren't trying to be insensitive. My mother is one of those who had to evacuate because of the fires today."

Barnes was watching TV coverage of the fires when the fireworks went off. He grabbed his video camera and shot the display and the smoke the fireworks produced as evidence.

To him, the holiday event ended with a thud, not a boom.

--Bob Pool

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