July 20, 2008

Verizon fios update July 19 2008

A LAAG reader writes:

"Do you know whether they will be offering us all the FIOS services internet, tv, phone right away? I've read that in some places around the country, they don't offer everything at first. Maybe they offer internet and phone, then tv later, for whatever reason."

No reply from Verizon on that yet. However one other development. Verizon recently (week of July 14, 2008) placed curbside/parkway terminals (called "FDH's" or "Fiber Distribution Hubs") on Ashworth near Ibbetson and 2 FDH's side by side on Allington near Ibbetson. These are tan "vault like" cabinets that look virtually tamper proof (don't want anyone stealing fios or hijacking the fiber!). They are about 3.5 feet all and about 1/3 the size of a standard refrigerator. The Verizon linemen "on the ground" (not contractors) told me those are placed near where all the loops are seen on the poles and hooking those boxes up is one of the last steps done before the fiber is lit up. The boxes do not look like they are hooked up yet. Once they are all those loops of fiber on the poles above them will disappear as they run them underground into the boxes. This is where all the splicing takes place. Different teams of linemen are used on this hookup operation than running the fiber on the poles. Also keep in mind that some of the main trunk lines of fiber are run underground but most of it in this area is aeriel. We have seen some fiber run from the poles to underground conduits in a few spots in Lakewood.

This link has a nice example of what the street mounted FDH's look like from the inside and videos of how Verizon hooks them up. Also in some states they use the same size FDH but pole mounted. Here in Lakewood they are using the sidewalk or parkway level mounted boxes. Verizon apparently calls these "pedestal" mounted FDH's. Also note the red or dark orange wrappers on the fiber lines on the poles on the link above. They use those here in Lakewood too so I guess the linemen working with copper will not touch those fiber lines.

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