July 6, 2008

Getting to the bottom of the fireworks enforcement problem

As LASD refuses to post up to date daily crime and call logs LAAG is forced to make Public Records Act (PRA) requests, which are usually only partly honored, if at all. The problem with the PRA in California is that there really is no teeth in the law. Government entities flout it and LASD I am sure is one of the best at doing so. Again as we have reported before, they don't want taxpayers to have detailed up to date crime info as it would show things are worse than they are telling you in the PR spin the council gives us via the council controlled publications we get. Secondly, they don't want you to know how little they really are doing to fight crime and "quality of life" problems (such as fireworks scofflaws). All the city council does is throw more money at it in terms of LASD overtime. It is almost like a kick back. Paying LASD more money is like pouring money down a rat hole: you will never see it again and it sure won't do you any good.

In any event our PRA sent to LASD today is reprinted in part below. We'll see what happens.

July 6, 2008
Total of 3 page(s) via e mail

Custodian of Records for Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept.
Risk Management Bureau

Dear Custodian of Records:

Pursuant to the California Public Records Act (Government Code Section 6250 et seq.), we seek to inspect and or obtain a copy of the following, which we understand to be in the possession, custody or control of your agency or department:

All the following records should be organized into these time periods and related only to the city of Lakewood:

July 3, 7:00am to July 6 700am 2005
July 3, 7:00am to July 6 700am 2006
July 3, 7:00am to July 6 700am 2007
July 3, 7:00am to July 6 700am 2008

Any and all DOCUMENTS (see fn 1) depicting, evidencing, referencing, referring, relating or pertaining to:

1. Any or all calls related to fireworks (calls for service) (along with address information on the calls)

2. Any or all dispatches of units for the calls above or related to fireworks complaints (along with address information on the dispatches)

3. Any or all citations issued related to fireworks calls or as a result of the dispatches in 2 above (along with address information on the cites)

4. Total overtime hours for LASD personnel including but not limited to total cost to city of Lakewood for such overtime;

5. Any or all injuries reported/discovered on 1 or 2 above or calls where LASD assisted with LA County Fire Dept. on the calls (along with address information on the calls);

6. Notwithstanding the foregoing dates, all reports related to any fireworks calls or injuries within 1000 feet of any side of Jose San Martin Park or Del Valle Park from July 3, 7:00am to July 6 700am 2008

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