June 9, 2008

Robberies on the rise in Lakewood? LASD won't give you the info to decide

We are getting tired of learning about crime patterns and trends from local news sites like LBReport.com. For example this armed home invasion robbery near Candlewood and Bellflower Blvd on June 8, 2008 as well as a second June 6, 2008 bike jacking that residents need to be aware of especially as the criminals have not been caught and are likely to do this again. This information must be distributed by LASD directly and quickly via crime blotters. We have been asking the city council for this since June 2007! LAAG has offered to connect LASD with computer experts that could automate this function for a very low cost. Nothing has happened.

Other cities with responsible and accommodating police department's provide that information on their websites on a daily basis in an easy to understand and read format. For example this is what Santa Monica PD and Gardena PD does for its tax paying residents. This information is collected daily by LASD and it would not take much effort to publish it daily on the web for Lakewood residents. LASD is doing it in Bellflower (for some added cost to that city but the Lakewood reporting could be better, faster, more complete and cheaper) We suspect the reason it is not done is that Lakewood residents would either find out how few calls the LASD actually rolls on each day, how few crimes are really ever "resolved" via an arrest, or what the "real" crime rate is on a weekly basis. So what are we getting for 9 million in taxes a year? Not much in the way of tangible information thats for sure. Information is power and I dont think LASD wants to share any with Lakewood residents. I think with a new Sheriff Captain (Lt. Christy Guyovich who replaced Capt. Fender on April 6, 2008) in Lakewood we need to see a new level of disclosure. With all the armed robberies in Lakewood this year something has to be done.

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