June 29, 2008

FIOS starts rolling out in North Lakewood

Lots of loops of fiber all over east of Bellflower Blvd and North of DelAmo. I look for the bright burnt orange tags on the fiber lines where they are secured to the poles. That is the telltale sign for fiber in this area as to where it has been stretched and secured to the poles already. They loop it en masse where they are going to put the tan fios boxes on the sidewalks. I have yet to see one of those installed yet. Funny how fast these guys are laying the trunk wire along major routes. Still not strung on the secondary poles yet for service. No rhyme or reason as to the map/system they are following to string the fiber. I assume they know what they are doing pursuant to some "master plan". Seems like it from the verizon fios guys I talk to on the street doing the work.

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