May 8, 2008

Taxation Without Representation

As Vallejo readies for Bankruptcy due to public employee salaries, did an article today on Logn Beach's action regarding public employees costs noting: "...Almost all of LB's Councilmembers voted to obligate LB taxpayers to incur at least $26.5 million in General Fund costs over the next five years to provide raises and add'l benefits in separate contracts with LB's non-public-safety city employees and firefighters. The Council majority did so despite a continuing structural deficit, declining property tax revenues...and multi-million dollar increases previously granted by the Council for the LB Police Officers' contract...."

Last week did an editorial on the mess in advance of this story. You can read it here. It looks like the same old pattern is repeated over and over endlessly..they got a raise so now we want one.

LAAG responded to the LBReport editorial as follows:

Subject: "Taxation Without Representation"

What an appropriate picture. Here is the wikipedia link for your readers that goes with the picture and to learn a little history. LAAG has been fed up with local politicians pandering to public employee unions. We started this crusade before the mainstream media got on board. At first it was limited to giveaways to "public safety" employees. Now its the full spectrum of public employees with no end in site. The problem is that all these giveaways are done in "plain view" yet concealed from most taxpayers. We need more info on the internet. More disclosure. More timely. Easier to find. The other thing that need to be done is we need to start telling private sector employees what employees like them are making for less work, less skill, less education and less hours. Once taxpayers see that then they will get angry and throw out the politicians that hide or fail to fix the problems. Check out our site for details as well as and this little gem courtesy of the Sacramento Bee (what a great paper; sort of like LB Report on steroids)

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