April 3, 2008

The "smokeshop" arrives in Lakewood

I guess the moral of the story is be careful what you wish for. A few months back we were complaining about the "Gotham Comics" bookstore on South St. near Bellflower Blvd., home of the former Von's market and Itana Furniture (aka "the dilapidated warehouse") The comic book store was in poor shape and attracted a bad element, not to mention all the "wonderful people" that hung out next door at the "Hide-a-way" bar. And dont forget the lovely liquor store just a few doors down from the Hide-a-way (so you can get your fix after the bar closes). Well now the folks over at the Hide-a-way will have some new friends...customers of the "smokeshop" which is moving into the newly renovated Gotham Comics store. There is only one problem. The "smoke shop", as the new owners call it, is not going to just sell tobacco, but that special tobacco, known to some as pot, mary jane, ganja etc. (call it what you like). So really its more of a 'headshop" than a smokeshop. Our sources tell us that the "smokeshop" received a "permit" from the city of Lakewood. Seems odd as the city tried to deny a simple liquor licence to Joe's Sushi a few doors down. With these three "wholesome" business all in the same block perhaps they can attract other similar businesses. "Fritz That's It" strip club lost its lease in Bellflower, perhaps they could move into the beautiful former Von's store that the city only took three years to force the owners to clean up. Its amazing what blight can do for a city's business culture? Lets see what next for South and Bellflower? I think Long Beach is chasing child molesters out of their city (due to Halfway houses running up against Megan's law). Perhaps we could put a halfway house in at the old Von's store. It is truly amazing how much the city fawns all over Lakewood Shopping Center and the new Costco yet falls flat on its face when it comes to shopping centers a mile away and not across the street from City Hall.

I can't wait for this July. Lakewood residents can go buy their pot, walk across the street to get their "safe and sane" fireworks and have a rip roarin' 4th. One book of matches keeps a whole family entertained all night.

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