January 6, 2008

San Gabriel River Graffiti Hotline (800) 675-4357

Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 19:20:42 -0800
From: "Lakewood Accountability Action Group"
To: "El-Rabaa, Maged"
Subject: Re: SG river issues: Graffiti
Cc: "5th Dist. Gerrie Schipske" ,
"Josh Butler, 5th dist." ,
"Phil Hester, Dir Parks, Rec, and Marine" ,
"Cadena, Diego" ,
"Afshari, Shari" ,
"Maselbas, Paul" ,
"Yusuf, Abu" ,
"Connie Sziebl, LB rep" ,
"Erin Stibal, Lkwd rep" ,
"Carol Oberman, lkwd office" ,
"Julie Moore, DPW coord" ,
"Capt. Dave L. Fender" ,
"Lt. Terry W. Benjestorf" ,
"Andy Berg, LASD Lkwd Spokesman"

We noticed two things today at 430pm on the path. First there was spraying done today to mask the graffiti at most bridges but it looks like they missed some at the del amo tunnel or it was not done at all. We also saw (and had reports of) fresh graffiti over the fresh abatement spray paint at Carson overpass and also the 405!! They dont waste much time. Maybe when the little criminals are back in school the rate of application will slow down.

I also assume that the "County's Contractors" will only work as far south as Wardlow? After that its city of Long Beach?

On Dec 27, 2007 6:06 PM, El-Rabaa, Maged < MElRabaa@dpw.lacounty.gov> wrote:

We have sent our contractor to clean up the graffiti in this area today. Beginning January 1, 2008, our new contractor will have four crews instead of two that will be responsible to patrol this area and clean up the graffiti. Upon execution of the new contract, we will inform you of their routine patrols in this area. Our goal for clean up in the flood control channels is 72 hours upon notification. Please inform your members to report graffiti to our Graffiti Hotline (800) 675-4357 (HELP).

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention and Happy New Year.


From: Lakewood Accountability Action Group | LAAG [mailto:updates@LAAG.us]
Sent: Wednesday, December 26, 2007 11:14 PM
To: 5th Dist. Gerrie Schipske; Josh Butler, 5th dist.; Phil Hester, Dir Parks, Rec, and Marine; LBPD; Cadena, Diego; Afshari, Shari; Maselbas, Paul; El-Rabaa, Maged; Yusuf, Abu; Connie Sziebl, LB rep; Erin Stibal, Lkwd rep; Carol Oberman, lkwd office; Julie Moore, DPW coord; Capt. Dave L. Fender; Lt. Terry W. Benjestorf; Andy Berg, LASD Lkwd Spokesman
Subject: SG river issues: Graffiti

We need some Graffiti cleanup at all the bridges.overpasses from South St. to the 405. My readers report that it has been months since the guy in the unmarked white pickup has been out working and it shows. (this guy carries a number of 5 gal cans of paint and a large paint sprayer and is presumed to be a graffiti abatement guy working for the County or Long Beach) The worst area is at the Carson overpass. Today at 430pm I saw some under 18 teens applying some fresh graffiti to the bridge. They could care less that anyone sees them. The sooner these kids go back to school the better. Anytime I see more than 3 kids down there walking in the river together I pretty much know they are doing something illegal or looking for an opportunity to do so.

The point is as you all know graffiti begets more graffiti and more graffiti attracts groups of hoodlums who prey on law abiding people who use the trail. I dont dare say anything to these hooligans for fear of being attacked. They outnumber me and could carry weapons. If I were to get attacked no one would see it. I advise all trail users to carry a phone and keep it turned on and to carry pepper spray.

I suggest that graffiti checks be done at least twice a month and that abatement be done at least once a month or sooner if warranted or there are complaints.

Users also report that they are seeing bike patrols on occasion now (during the day not dusk). The uniforms are dark blue or black and say "police" so I have to assume they are LBPD not Sheriff. Good to see that. Problem is we need more of them at more times of the day.


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