January 2, 2008

No Intelligent Design here...

LAAG loves Darwin and his pesky "theory" of evolution. Well the good folks over at the DarwinAwards.com provided us with this gem that we want to make sure all the gene pool contributors in Lakewood take a good look at (even you pyros over at pyro universe) as this could have been you. But there is always July 2008! We wish Evolution worked faster. Of course the reason fireworks users don't fear the Darwin Awards (or doing stupid stuff) is they don't believe in evolution! They know they were "intelligently designed". Fireworks really do help promote evolution when you think about it.

The Darwin Awards was named in honor of Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, and commemorates those who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it.

Electronic Fireworks
2007 Darwin Award Nominee
Confirmed True by Darwin
(1 January 2007, Netherlands) The first Darwin Award of 2007 goes to Serge Sluijters, 36, who thought it reasonable to hover over an illegal professional firework and light the electronic ignition with an open flame. But this was not a traditional wick; it was a device designed for precision timing. The flame triggered an immediate launch, and the fireworks catapulted upwards, killing our amateur pyrotechnician enroute to a spectacular burst across the night sky.

Serge had purchased the firework legally in Belgium, but then transported it illegally into the Netherlands. His father disputed the notion that Serge was careless, characterizing his son as a man who gave due consideration to his acts. A witness told reporters, "His face disappeared. If someone has no face left, you know it's serious."

Every year, another idiot gets nominated for a Darwin Award for this same reason. Please, readers, keep your itchy fingers off the triggers of these dangerous fireworks!

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