December 26, 2007

Something moving into South and Bellflower?

Looks like there are some changes afoot at the old Vons/Itana Furniture "warehouse" located at South St. and Bellflower Lakewood. (curiously a few months after LAAG complained about the shopping center; see related story here) Most of the old crumbling facade of the Vons store was removed about a week before Christmas leaving and even uglier building underneath. The front of the store is still fenced off as of this posting. Hopefully all the stores in this complex will be updating their facades along with the anchor tenant store (the old Vons). The parking lot needs to be completely resurfaced and re-landscaped. Also all the signage needs to be redone. The city has not confirmed if a new tenant is moving into the old Vons building or not. Once we learn what is going on we will report it here. I suspect that the building had to be upgraded before they could attract a tenant. The Hanalei "Hawaiian eatery" that just opened in December (in the same shopping center) will likely have just as rough a time as the "Asian" type restaurant it replaced. Likely due to the lovely liquor store not 100 feet from its front door. Again very close to homes.

Also on South St. just east of Bellflower Blvd. the old "Gotham Comics" store moved out and the owner (who also owns the "Hideaway" bar next door) is trying to lease and or sell the store as an office building. The place has been painted, gutted inside and new doors and windows installed. The owner is going to have a rough time leasing office space next to a bar unless that appeals to the staff that works in the new office. Quite frankly it would be nice to see the bar gone as it attracts a rather unsavory element and is very close to homes.

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