December 30, 2007

A little bit of Iraq right here in the USA

Nice. Gas masks so other can shoot off fireworks. And people complain about smoking? Do they have masks and ear plugs for the pets? Fireworks are no legal in any form here in Lakewood but hey that does not stop people. We should shoot off fireworks monthly! Yeah. That will help solve global warming!

Straub Gives Out Free Masks for New Years
Written by Lisa Kubota -
Saturday, December 29, 2007 05:27 PM
KGMB9 - Honolulu, HI, USA

Hawaii health experts said there's always a rise in emergency room visits on New Year's Eve and the following day. But for those affected by all the smoke, some simple steps can help you enjoy the celebration.

With New Year's Eve just around the corner, businesses is brisk at this fireworks shop.

"The fireworks business typically starts out kind of slow and steady and we're just starting to get busy now. It's starting to pick up," said Kyle Pare, TNT Fireworks.

At TNT fireworks on Beretania Street, the tables are piled high. Customers can choose from all kinds of products.

"When you toss em on the ground, they spin and they pop," said Jarryd Magbee, Kailua resident.

"We have a variety of things that require permits and then for people that don't want to get the permits, we have some comparable - not as quite a big a bang - but over here to the right," Pare said.

But not everyone is a fan of all the festivities. For those with respiratory conditions like asthma or emphysema -- all the smoke can be downright dangerous.

"People that have these underlying conditions can actually a suffer a severe breathing attack and end up in a emergency room or even hospitalization because of fireworks smoke exposure," said Dr. Jeffrey Kam, Straub Clinic & Hospital.

Straub Clinic is helping residents breathe with ease into the New Years.

On Saturday, people picked up free masks at Ala Moana.

Health experts were also on hand to answer questions and offer advice.

"You want to try avoid exposure to fireworks smoke. If that's not possible, like staying in doors, to find an air conditioned environment to hang out, then they can put a filter mask on so they can venture outside and not inhale the smoke," Kam said.

But for others, the holiday wouldn't be the same without a colorful and noisy start to the new year.

"I actually wanted to find out exactly what to get for the kids. If it was up to me, I'd buy pretty much everything," said customer Vance Inouye.

Other tips include, making sure your medication is up to date and easily accessible. Also, drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.

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