December 12, 2007

55th District Primary Election Results

Much like with the last City council race in Lakewood this was an election that the voters just did not care much about. The main reason was that the two well funded democratic candidates appeared to be cut from the same cloth and took turns sniping at each other when they weren't boasting about how they could make govt. even bigger and create more taxpayer funded social programs. Most Republicans likely stayed home for this primary as there was no Republican in the race. Sad that the party has all but abandoned the highly gerrymandered 55th district which is now a democratic wasteland. Once again the likely winner will be another tax and spend type career politician who is in favor of public unions and bigger govt. Just what we need in Sacramento.

Surely the democratic machine will get behind its candidate and make sure he outspends all other opponents 10 to 1 so that they can insure an ever larger majority in Sacramento. And then there is Arnie the Govenator. A democrat dressed in Republican clothes.

So perhaps the one Libertarian in the race (Herb Peters from Carson) will get some spillover fervor from the Ron Paul presidential campaign. (Although Paul is a Republican, the Libertarian Party wants Paul to run in 2008 on its ticket.) Republicans and anyone else in the 55th sick of politics as usual would do good to vote for anyone but a democrat under these circumstances.

Democrat Furutani faces two minor-party candidates in 55th
The Associated Press
Article Launched: 12/12/2007 10:27:48 AM PST

LOS ANGELES—Democrat Warren Furutani faces two minor-party candidates in a February runoff election for the 55th District Assembly seat representing voters from Carson to Long Beach.

Furutani, a Los Angeles college trustee, got the most votes in Tuesday's balloting with 49.2 percent compared to fellow Democrat and Carson Councilman Mike Gipson's 38.4 percent.

Because he didn't get 50 percent of the vote, Furutani now faces Libertarian Herb Peters, who got 5.8 percent of the vote, and American Independent Charlotte Gibson, who got 3.9 percent, in the Feb. 5 general election.

There were no Republican candidates on the ballot.

The seat was vacated by Laura Richardson, who was elected to Congress.

Warren FurutaniDem8,62049.24%
Mike GipsonDem6,72738.42%
Herb PetersLib1,0075.75%
Charlotte GibsonAI6763.86%
Mervin EvansDem4772.72%

Turnout districtwide was roughly 10%

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