July 2, 2007

Costa Mesa and Lakewood CA share a bond of fire...


Monday, July 2, 2007
Late-breaking letters: Sparks fly over fireworks on the Fourth
Posted July 02, 2007

As a 38-year resident of Costa Mesa, I feel a need to apologize to all the surrounding cities that prohibit fireworks. Our city seems to be one of the few that doesn't grasp the need for a fireworks ban. I know that all the high schools, soccer teams, etc., say it's their main fund-raiser. But at what cost? It terrifies animals and small children and causes injuries. The fire and police are diverted for fireworks calls.

I know what they sell is legal but it is difficult and almost impossible to know which is legal and which is illegal. It opens the door for all the m-80s, bottle rockets, etc. I was embarrassed while driving into Huntington Beach to see a huge warning sign at the border of Costa Mesa announcing no fireworks and a possible traffic search for fireworks.

Again, I apologize for Costa Mesa polluting all the non-fireworks cities because of the greed and disregard for the general safety of the public by the non-profits and schools. What a lesson we are teaching, especially in this year of serious drought. Happy Fourth of July. God bless America.

Mary Spadoni

Costa Mesa

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