July 6, 2007

Can't we use tickets as warnings?

What ever happened to the street sweeping law to be put into effect July 1 2007? Not done. What about the shift of RV's and Trailers onto private property? We will be lucky to have something worked out on that fiasco by October 2007 (even though the city had a large staff working on it since Nov 7, 2006). Ever wonder what the so called "parking control" budget is vs what the city takes in by way of parking fines? Lets challenge the city to post that information. if they dare. see LAAG's related prior story

As far as warning owners of RV's on street parking have they not had since Nov. 7, 2006 as ample warning? Just another example of a city which lacks the guts to enforce the law for fear of being unpopular or being like that "fascist regime" known as Cerritos where "mean spirited" parking laws are enforced regardless of complaints!! The Horror!!

Lakewood RV laws take effect
RV, trailer owners have 2-week warning period.
By Karen Robes, Staff writer
Article Launched: 07/05/2007 11:38:54 PM PDT

LAKEWOOD - Minutes after starting her shift Thursday, Natasha Martin, the city's lead parking control officer, zeroed in on a trailer parked on the street.

After checking to see if it had a city permit, she proceeded to write up the trailer.

"Hey, did you give me a ticket?" an annoyed man said as he rushed to his vehicle.

"It's a warning," she said to the man, who looked relieved.

As Martin threaded through the neighborhoods bordered by Del Amo Boulevard, Candlewood Street, Cherry and Downey avenues, she spotted within the first hour of her shift at least six trailers and RVs in violation of new laws that ban recreational vehicles and trailers on city streets without a permit.

"People are getting it," Martin said. "It's letting them understand where you're coming from. We're just (carrying out) what the residents voted for."

The ticket-like warnings are part of an information campaign the city has been conducting since April to warn residents about the new laws that took effect Sunday.

Hoping to stop owners from using city streets for storing rigs and motor homes long-term, the City Council recently passed a series of measures to address the issue. They included a pair of November ballot measures banning the vehicles on public streets without a permit, which voters overwhelmingly passed.

The permit allows for a maximum three-day pass. Residents can get up to 16 permits annually, but must allow at least three days between permits.

Since April, the city has been mailing letters and postcards, leaving paper hangers detailing the city's new laws and issuing warnings leading up to Sunday.

The city decided to give owners a two-week warning before officially ticketing on July 15.

"We expect that by the time citations are going to be issued that every RV and trailer owner knows the consequences of parking their RVs or trailers on city streets without a permit," said spokesman Don Waldie.

Waldie said that the information campaign appears to be working, judging from the city's last four "windshield counts."

The windshield counts - another way of describing the number of warnings issued to RVs and trailers - have diminished by more than 90 percent in the last four months, Waldie said.

The last count, which was being compiled Thursday, showed fewer than 90, significantly lower than the 350 counted in April. "It's a really remarkable testament to the willingness of owners" to follow the rules, he said.

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