July 19, 2007

Are Costa Mesa voters smarter than Lakewood voters...likely


Fireworks on ballot?

Every Fourth of July, a handful of Costa Mesa (CA) residents bring up the nuisance and danger they say are created by fireworks, both the "safe and sane" kind and illegal ones. And inevitably someone brings up a 1990 advisory vote in which city voters opted to ban fireworks. That vote, however, was nonbinding, and apparently a fireworks ban won by such a slim margin that council members didn't take any action.

Now, City Councilwoman Linda Dixon wants to put the issue before voters again. She asked at a Tuesday council meeting to have the council decide at a future meeting whether to place a fireworks initiative on the ballot, possibly for the February presidential primary.

She also suggested the council look at boosting the city's hotel bed tax by 1% and using the proceeds to somehow benefit community youth and sports groups, which raise money by running fireworks stands.

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