June 19, 2007

Fireworks banned in El Dorado and Amador counties CA

Burning limited in two counties

Published 12:00 am PDT Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Story appeared in METRO section, Page B2

CAMINO CA -- Burning permits were suspended as of Monday in areas of El Dorado and Amador counties under the jurisdiction of Cal Fire.

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection announced that campfires will be allowed in designated campgrounds with permission of the agency overseeing the site. People with questions about the restrictions should contact an area Cal Fire facility.

The burn suspension does not apply to the portion of El Dorado County within the Lake Tahoe basin. For information about burning in that area, call the U.S. Forest Service Tahoe Basin Management Unit at (530) 543-2600.

Cal Fire officials also noted that the sale and discharge of all fireworks, including the "safe and sane" variety, are prohibited throughout El Dorado County and in most areas of Amador County.

-- Cathy Locke

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