June 23, 2007

Cops Bust Illegal Fireworks Seller -- Online

Hopefully the LA County Sheriffs are getting some ideas from this...are you listening LASD?

Written for the web by Cornell Barnard, Reporter

Detectives from the Alameda County Sheriff's Department just made a large bust of illegal fireworks -- without even leaving their office.

On a tip, detectives found a Craigslist posting for illegal fireworks for sale. Undercover officers quickly agreed to meet the seller to buy more than $1,500 dollars worth of illegal fireworks.

Sporting names like the "Bay City Blaster" and "Thunder Bomb," some of the fireworks were actually closer to mortars, capable of severely injuring people.

Joel Otsuka of Union City was arrested after much of the fireworks stash was found at his home.

"He gave us a menu. We could get anything through him," Alameda County Sheriffs Sgt. J.D. Nelson said.

Stockton firefighters say all they need is a tip to investigate where illegal are being sold.

"It's a priority for us since all fireworks were outlawed in Stockton this year," said Fire Captain Jim Miller. "They're called safe and sane, but they're only as sane as the hands they're in."

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