June 2, 2007

Air quality officials want Disney to do more with less fireworks

Disneyland Resort News ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) -- Disneyland hasn't done enough to reduce smoke from its nightly fireworks show and more modifications are needed, air quality officials said Friday. Although there are no regulations specifically on fireworks emissions, South Coast Air Quality Management District officials said Disney has changed its pyrotechnics launching system and is using fewer smoke-producing fireworks. But tests show the improvements haven't done enough to reduce ground smoke. "Under certain atmospheric conditions, we're getting ground smoke," said Carol Coy, AQMD's deputy executive officer of engineering and compliance. "Our next step is to go further with them and let them know that this has not been adequate." Disneyland Resort spokesman Bob Tucker said the park is in compliance with AQMD standards, He said about 15 percent fewer shells are being used than in previous years. Residents who live near Disneyland have complained about fireworks residue landing on their cars and homes. They also have expressed concern about the possible long-term health effects of the fallout. A representative for area homeowners asked the AQMD board Friday to use its authority to prohibit Disney from shooting fireworks on smog-alert days. "Our group is very concerned about air pollution, especially every summer night when a huge cloud of sulfur-smelling smoke settles over our homes about five minutes after the Disneyland fireworks display," resident Dennis Fitzgerald told the board. "We feel strongly that this large amount of choking air pollution is a result of the fireworks," he said.

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