March 20, 2007

Verizon March 2007 press release does not tell the whole story

Well LAAG pressed the verizon people on where our Lakewood Fios Fiber was and guess what. Only a small portion of Lakewood will get Fios fiber out of a Long Beach central office (the one near clark st. and carson st.). The Bellflower CO (our CO) will not get FIOS until 2008!! That is according the woman at Verizon in charge of fiber build out schedules. The Verizon FIOS rep. said that if we can get the city council to write a letter to Verizon that may speed things up in terms of getting things wired.

Kind of let down after being told being told we were going to get it in 4 weeks. You would think the Verizon people would have known or at least asked what Central Office LAAG was out of before giving me false hope!

Verizon Petition needed!

For Lakewood CA and Bellflower CA residents that would like to speed things up send us an email at UPDATES@LAAG.US and we will use your name (and address if you give us permission) to put together a sort of petition to the City to write to Verizon to see if we can get Verizon to put the Bellflower CA Central Office (which serves northern Lakewood and parts of Bellflower) on the early 2008 Fios upgrade list instead of late 2008 or 2009. LAAG is doing this at the suggestion of the Verizon people in the main Huntington Beach FiOS scheduling office. There is nothing stopping Verizon now on permits (as they obtained the statewide franchise rights in March 2008) and they told us they prefer areas (like Lakewood) with aerial as opposed to underground wiring (speeds up FIOS wiring) and areas with lots of single family homes as large multiple family dwelling units like apartments bog down the installations as they often require permits or private ownership consent for placement.

For more up to date Verizon FiOS news go here and do a search for Bellflower or Lakewood CA

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