December 11, 2006


Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 10:52:01 -0800
To: (Todd Rogers, City Council), (Denise Hayward, City Clerk), (Bob Brammer city webmaster)
From: " | Lakewood Accountability Action Group"
Subject: minutes/agendas

As of 12/11 the last meeting minutes are 10/24. The last agenda is 11/14? [] Whats up? Not posting this stuff timely is like not having it up at all. There should be an on line archive as well on line that is searchable by date or keyword [] and a date on the website as to the time period when one can expect agendas an minutes to be posted (i.e. "Agendas are posted 3 working days before the meeting" and "minutes are posted no later than 10 working days after the meeting"). When this material is delayed time limits and other issues pass without people knowing about them. For as much as Lakewood touts eGovernment I still dont see much transparency.

Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 11:48:16 -0800
To: "Denise Hayward" ,"Bob Brammer" ,
From: " | Lakewood Accountability Action Group"
Subject: Re: minutes/agendas
Cc: "Howard Chambers"

At 11:18 AM 12/11/2006, Denise Hayward wrote:
My apologies to you and others who depend on the website for agenda information. I was distracted last week with the closing of the nomination period for our March election and posted the agenda everywhere except on the website. I have just finished copying it there, so it is now available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

As a note, the minutes on the website are always the most recently approved set and currently, that was from the end of October. The City Council is scheduled to approve the November 14th minutes at their meeting on December 12. They will be up on the website later this week.

Denise Hayward, City Clerk

Thanks. Which brings me to my next point about searchability and archiving that I brought up. I'd like Bob to address that.

Also, as we have discussed I see no reason why all "public hearing or comment" materials, resolutions and proposed ordinances cannot be put up on the site as soon as they are proposed. All this stuff is in electronic format already and I am sure Civica software has push button posting for stuff like that. Also hosting is cheap. many of these hosts like are offering gigabites of storage for pennies a day. These materials would have to be archived, be searchable and have some page on the site where one could browse them by subject or date proposed or passed. Right now there is no one location for this info.

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