October 21, 2006

Rebuttal to the Rebuttal

Once again TNT fireworks is feeding bad or misleading or incomplete info to the fireworks sellers. We will rebut their arguments here using the same headings as used in the sample ballot:

The Truth on Fireworks Injuries:

Fist off all they have absolutely no documentation to back up the claim of no injuries or property damage. First of all some injuries and property damage may not have been reported. Secondly this information flies in the face of all the other statistics on this site and others. Please contact LAAG and we will provide you with what ever documentation you need concerning injuries. Also even if their statistic were true, we were all safe until 9/11 or "3/5" the date of the Miller Dunrobin explosion. Every year is a new year. You cant blindly assume noting with happen this year as nothing did last year. Statistics have a way of catching up with you.

Just a brief recap here: AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS Fireworks-Related Injuries to Children

And this also flies in the face of their "statistic": "Safe and sane” fireworks caused more injuries than illegal fireworks, especially to preschool children. The term “safe and sane” fireworks is used to refer to devices such as sparklers, fountains, snakes, party poppers, and ground spinners. ....As a promotional technique, the fireworks allowed under rules of this type have been labeled “safe and sane” fireworks by their advocates. Laws based on this approach allow considerable private use of fireworks, but exclude any explosive type devices that lift off the ground that are allowed under Federal law. In 2004, sparklers, fountains, and novelties alone accounted for two-fifths (40%) of emergency-room fireworks injuries, including most injuries to pre-school children (ages 4 and under) where the type of fireworks device was specified." John R. Hall, Jr. Fire Analysis & Research Division, National Fire Protection Association, June 2006

The Truth on Pollution:

So the sulfur smelling haze than lingers in the air for hours and smells so go is not polluting? Does TNT fireworks have testing to prove that? Ill bet not. And fireworks contain no perchlorates? Thats odd. I wonder why this letter was sent to TNT fireworks regarding perchlorates? I guess we will have to follow up on this later. Any rational person knows that fireworks pollute. Don't let the money blind you as it has the fireworks sellers.

The truth on Noise:

How silly. Wanting to ban emergency vehicle sirens. Are the fireworks peddlers so addicted to money that they compare life saving emergency vehicles to things that blow off smoke and fire? Oh Please. Also there are regulations on vehicle noises, such as sirens and horns (trains busses, cars etc.). Obviously smart people make exceptions for "necessary" noises. And I have not seen a rash of pet "escapes" due to fire trucks lately. But on the 4th of July just ask the humane society how pets just "love" fireworks and how they run away to escape them. Again this is not the entire issue. Just one of many nuisance and safety issues stacked up against TNT Fireworks spending/lobbying power.

The truth on Fundraising:

Oh yes the sky is falling. One thing not mentioned is what happened to all the other Lakewood groups that lost out on the right to sell fireworks when then groups were paired from about 40 to the current 26? Did they wither away? No. They found other means to raise the funds. What do all the other clubs so in all the other cities in California where fireworks cannot be sold? Have Lakewood clubs asked? Many of these clubs also are part of larger national organizations (such as the YMCA) that can either assist with funding or give clubs guidance on seeking funding. I am not proposing bake sales and car washes. That type of a statement shows just how uninspired and unimaginative the fireworks sellers are. They are going to have to get a little more innovative than relying upon contraband for revenue. I ran a sports team with over 100 members (also its a niche sport). It raises money for uniforms, team trips, etc. They don't sell fireworks and never have. The team just raised close to $10,000 cash (not including merchandise) this year from a local merchant just based upon one meeting. You know we have lots of real estate agents in this city call doing very well. Why don't their national companies pony up some marketing money for a team? We have entire stadiums now built with private money and named after the company (i.e. 3com park).

I am not saying its easy. Sure fireworks money is easy. So is selling drugs and they are really profitable. But the fireworks sellers have got to wean themselves off this hazardous product. The got a one year reprive from the city council. What have they done in this last year to look for other funding. Likely nothing.

The truth on Fireworks:

Again no sources cited. The bold statement that 270 California "communities" allow groups to "sell" fireworks is a bit vague. There are 478 incorporated cities in California, 58 counties and three counties with no incorporated cities. So if we assume that 270 is a correct number (which I doubt) then 56% of the cities allow fireworks use or sale (it is not clear if the word community means "city"). Typically if a county bans fireworks they are banned in call areas of the county except for incorporated cities that allow them. Lets look at some figures in Southern California:

Los Angeles County fireworks are banned
In 38 cities they are allowed
In 48 cities they are banned

In Orange County fireworks are banned
In 5 cities they are allowed
In 17 cities they are banned

In Ventura County fireworks are banned
In 1 city they are allowed
In 24 cities they are banned

In San Diego County fireworks are banned
There are 18 cities in the county. Unknown what percentage ban fireworks.

In Riverside County fireworks are banned
In 4 cities they are allowed
In 13 cities they are banned

In San Bernardino County fireworks are banned
Out of 31 cities they are only allowed in 2-3 cities.

Vote YES on Measure "D" to ban fireworks in Lakewood

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