October 6, 2006

LAAG on CNN Headline News Local Edition

A LAAG spokesperson was invited to answer questions of Ron Roberson on CNN Headline News Local Edition about "Measure D", the ordinance that Lakewood voters will vote on in November that seeks to ban the use of all fireworks in Lakewood. The opposing side was also present as were Lakewood residents discussing the parking Measures on the November ballot. The program should air by October 16, 2006 and will likely be repeated more than once.

Stay tuned for more details as we may stream the video on this site.

CNN Local Edition is a 5-minute, studio-based informational program, airing at 24- and 54-minutes after the hour, every hour on CNN Headline News in Local communities. The primary mission of Local Edition is to provide elected officials, community, non-profit and educational leaders the opportunity to communicate to their key constituents.

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