October 31, 2006

fireworks updates...7 days to the election

Well we are down to the final wire on Measure D to ban fireworks.

For those of you that get CNN from Time Warner cable as you already know LAAG is appearing on CNN Headline News Local Edition from now thru the Election. These are 5 minute spots/interviews that appear at the end of CNN Headline news. They will air 24 hrs a day as I understand it and will rotate with the pro fireworks interview as well as the 3 spots done on the parking measures.

I am sure that you have seen the 4 flyers sent out by TNT Fireworks. We have rebutted all the statements made in those flyers elsewhere on this website. Campaign finance reports show "American Promotional Events, Inc., dba TNT Fireworks," in Fullerton, has as of Oct. 21 poured $40,000 in cash into a campaign to defeat Lakewood Measure D. The only other reported cash contribution as of Oct 21. is from the Lakewood Lions Club...for $250!! So I guess we can see who is really benefiting from the fireworks...TNT as they are the one spending the money to keep them.

Also in the news, Mr. Miller's (Dunrobin explosion) sentence was reduced from 5 to 4 years on a technicality meaning that he will likely be out in 2 years. Read the entire story here

Additionally LAAG sent in a letter to the editor of the Lakewood Community News paper November edition (which came out yesterday). The letter appears on the bottom right of page 4 and is also on this website under "Fireworks Editorials" (scroll to bottom article)

The Press Telegram also did an article (with photos) on 10/28/06 on the fallout from the Dunrobin explosion read it here and even posted a Quicktime movie of the aftermath of the explosion and interviews with neighbors.

Last but not least a story on LAAG and the anti fireworks movement appeared on Sunday in Long Beach Report here.

Make sure you get out and vote (early on on Nov 7) and vote YES on measure "D"

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