August 23, 2006

Statement in favor of measure prohibiting the parking of RV’s on streets

This statement was filed by LAAG on Aug 17, 2006 for the Nov 7, 2006 ballot but Mr. Yung's statement was chosen.

Cities surrounding Lakewood have limited street parking; most cities in LA and Orange counties have limits (and have done so without costly taxpayer funded elections). This has turned Lakewood into a parking lot for non-resident RVs and trailers. A minority of RV and trailer owners create the majority of problems for their neighbors, but unfortunately the only way we can deal with this problem is to put laws into effect that govern all equally. This rationale is true for all zoning and parking laws.

The city council has not effectively dealt with this issue for 30 years and is no excuse not to resolve the problem now (like all other cities did before us). This is the reason the we have the current problems. Some RVs and trailers are increasing visual blight, which is only going to increase with more RVs and trailers. Ownership of a “second home” entails responsibilities just like a regular home. Owners need to find off-site parking or build parking space for it their lot--not dumping it on the street and making it your neighbors’ problem. Measure C does not ban proper parking of RVs and trailers on your property. If there is no room to park on your lot then you need to make room or get off-site parking.

RVs and trailers on the street for months also invite crime. Vehicle theft and vandalism is one of Lakewood’s biggest crime problems. RV’s and trailers are even bigger targets due to all the valuables they often contain.

Measure C does not ban all street parking. A free resident permit system will be created. Lakewood is falling behind on dealing with this problem. Vote YES on Measure C and lets catch up with everyone else.

See additional arguments in statement supporting the Trailer parking measure.

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