August 17, 2006

Rebuttal in favor of Measure "D" Banning all Fireworks in Lakewood

This is a rebuttal to the argument against the fireworks ban. This rebuttal was filed with the city on Aug 17, 2006:

The statement that banning all fireworks will lead to increased use of illegal fireworks is unsupported. How can any fireworks be safer than no fireworks? Enforcement IS needed to control illegal fireworks. The increase in illegal fireworks in Lakewood in the last 10 years has been during the time so called safe and sane fireworks were sold, so it seems that safe and sane fireworks create a demand for larger illegal fireworks. Sheriff patrols would be more effective at catching illegal users if all fireworks were banned because trying to spot legal versus illegal fireworks can be difficult under the time pressure of the 4th.

This past July was not an accurate indicator of the future as the Dunrobin explosion was still fresh in peoples’ minds. Taxpayers should not be forced to pay $100,000 every year in addition to the current budget just to create a haven for legal fireworks. The opposition wants you to believe that fireworks companies helped the city with enforcement yet there were no funding offers from the companies or the clubs selling fireworks to defray the cost of the extra enforcement.

In 2005 approximately 73% (over $32,000) of the sales revenue went from the Jaycees to the fireworks company. Multiply this by the 28 groups selling fireworks in Lakewood. That huge profit does not go to the clubs or Lakewood. It goes to fireworks companies (none of which are located in Lakewood) and they are using your children to make it.


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