August 23, 2006

Prohibiting the on-street parking of non-Lakewood-registered trailers and RVs.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Council Recap: Restrictions on non-Lakewood RVs and trailers adopted; enforcement begins September 21

At its Tuesday evening meeting, the Lakewood City Council took the final steps to adopt an ordinance prohibiting the on-street parking of non-Lakewood-registered trailers and RVs. The new parking ordinance will go into effect on September 21.

The parking limitation on non-Lakewood RV and trailers is part of the framework for regulating on-street parking adopted by the city council at its August 8 meeting. The city council also placed on the November 7 special election ballot two additional measures that would limit the parking of Lakewood-registered RVs and trailers.

The RV and trailer parking ordinance adopted on Tuesday does not require further voter approval, however.

Under the new ordinance, RVs and trailers (attached and detached) not registered to a Lakewood address can be cited if parked on a Lakewood street. To accommodate "short-term needs" while out-of-town family or friends visit, Lakewood residents will be able to request a free, city-issued permit for their guests.

Non-Lakewood vehicle owners cited under the new ordinance face a $40 fine for each day of on-street parking (plus additional costs assessed by the courts).

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